Friday, January 15, 2016

I'm Koalafided!

Ok back to the Australia trip... To say I was ready to leave Byron Bay is an understatement! I was packed and ready for the bus two hours ahead of schedule that morning! I actually got up at 5am to watch the sunrise that you couldn't see but then was able to have a great long talk on the phone with Beau so that made it worth it. While it's great that he and I have been able to text, I've missed being able to speak freely, without other people around, or just even with a clear connection!

Now this is the day that I had been waiting for in Australia. We were headed up the Gold Cost to spend the night in Brisbane which is where the koala sanctuary is located. We stopped in Surfer's Paradise which is exactly as its name implies!
Now this is the Australia I had been waiting for!

Shortly after checking in to our hostel which basically felt like the Ritz (freshly painted, AC and our own bathroom) we were off to see the koalas! 

I got to cuddle this baby one, he was less than 2 years old. His name is Perkins and I wanted to take him home!

Not only that but there were also a million kangaroos just hanging out that you could feed and pet. I basically chased one down to get my selfie of the year!

It's a baby Joey in the pouch!

Our guide Daryl was super nice and took us to the sanctuary. While we were there he was telling us all this information about the animals, how to hold the koalas, etc. Then he said that he never had the extra money to hold one himself. I was definitely surprised by this so when I bought my package I decided to get two and surprise him. He has done so much for us on this trip and really went out of his way to take to the sanctuary when it was actually his day off so I thought it was the least I could do. I didn't make a big production out of it but when we got in line he was there to take additional photos with all of our cameras and I handed him his ticket and he looked like a little kid on Christmas! It felt good to do something nice for someone else and I know he was genuinely excited. 

Kangaroos and Koalas were definitely on my Australian bucketlist and I finally got to cross those off!

Oh! And the "Ritz"... We that evening there was an unidentifiable animal in our room. This creature started out with scampering from one end of the room to the other. However when you looked under the bed nothing could be seen. Then the thing actually flew because we could hear the wings flapping. We called the guys at the reception desk to come up three times and all three times they found nothing. I'm not sure if they believed us because every time we were identifying it as something different (a mouse, a coach roach and a wombat... We didn't actually know what a wombat was but now that I know, no wonder they didn't believe us!). On their third visit to our room they presented us with keys to a new room that was not shiny and new but it was animal free! Seriously, never a dull moment!

FYI... This is a wombat... They are huge!