Sunday, January 25, 2015

So... you're saying there is a chance?

Omg, I can't believe that Mr. McDreamy is getting divorced. Who hasn't been in love with him since Can't Buy Me Love?! But seriously, it is sad that they are getting divorced after 15 years of marriage and have three kids.... but also.... that means there is still a chance, right???

This brings me to my latest boy story. This weekend I had a male visitor. When I lived in Dallas I met this guy the weekend that the Unspoken One and I broke up so I wasn't really in any position to meet anyone of significance. Nonetheless, this guy and I still hit it off (thanks to multiple red bull and vodkas). He was in town for a guys weekend from Michigan. He also ended up going home with my friend that night (although both claim nothing happened). Anyways, thanks to social media we have stayed in touch for the last 3 years - talking on the phone on and off, texting here and there, etc. Well as life would have it, he ended up moving to North Carolina right before I moved to South Carolina. Since August he has been trying to get me to let him visit and after things ended up going south with H I decided why not see if the same spark from 3 years ago was there.

Well.... no spark. At least on my side. We went to a nice dinner downtown and had good conversation but we are pretty different on a lot of fundamental stuff. Then he had the audacity to tell me I was still single because I was too picky [we were having a general conversation about being in our 30s and dating]. But holy H-E-L-L did that tick me off. Having standards is not being picky. Wanting someone who I feel is my equal is not being unrealistic. I mean... eff off buddy!

So anyways, nothing romantic transpired and he slept on the couch. This morning I was taking HW outside at 6am and saw that he was not on the couch but sleeping on the floor. I told him to go get in my bed - I really felt bad that he preferred the floor to my couch! (btw, I sleep on my couch all the time... there is no way that the floor was better than my couch!) He refused and stayed sleeping on the floor until 9:30. Then while he was showering I COOKED him breakfast. Um yeah, that is a big deal! We had breakfast then I showered and got ready for the day. When I came out to the living room I was excited because it was finally sunny (it had been pouring the day before) and he was like, what is so good about that? I said this way we can actually do something fun. Then he said that he decided he was going to head out today (instead of Sunday). I said, 'oh ok' kind of surprised and then he goes, "yeah, like now." It was just really abrupt and kind of rude. I told him I felt bad that he didn't sleep well and he made the comment that he should have just paid for a hotel room. WTH. So I walked him down to his car, we half hugged and that was that. To be honest I was relieved because I had been complaining to my friend that morning that I had way too much school work this weekend but it just how he handled it - so awkward.

Then tonight I am texting with one of my guy friends [who seems to have a 6th sense about when I have a bad boy encounter] and retelling this story and he brought up "that time we made out." I jokingly asked how he was recovering from losing me since I moved to South Carolina and he really did have a great response: I haven't lost you yet. It was such a macho response and typical of him but I guess there was some truth to that. The older you get the harder it is to be single and the harder it is to meet new people. Whether you are a guy or a girl, at some point you look around and start taking stock of the people in your life or past life and have that wonder... Should I have considered so-and-so back in the day? Should I have not let that one go? Ooh, when did that guy get cute?! Or, hmm, so-and-so lives in Colorado... I could live in Colorado, couldn't I? But I guess until there is a ring on the finger it's all fair game. Life has a funny way of working out so I guess you just never know what can happen...