Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Beachbody False Start

Hey y'all! Hope everyone is well. I have officially started the Beachbody 21 Day Fix! Last Wednesday I received my Shakeology and Beachbody DVDs. Not knowing what the meal plan was all about I decided to start with shakes and workouts and just eat sensibly until I was able to plan out all my meals and get to the grocery store. Well.... that wasn't the most productive idea I've ever had. I kind of ate better but not really. Basically I wasted 3 days of shake mix! Then I did the Day One workout twice and was super sore so I took a couple of days off. Honestly, I have been doing this [getting back into shape] for years, I should know better! But, I am totally one who likes instant gratification. I couldn't wait a couple of days to start, I wanted to do it right then even though I wasn't fully prepared.

Saturday I spent my evening at home reading all the materials, learning what foods I can eat and then made a list of the foods I will actually eat. Have I ever mentioned that I am a picky eater? Um.... yeah. Sunday I went to the grocery and then meal prepped for the week. I absolutely loathe cooking, especially when I get home from work [re: instant gratification]. Usually when I get home I am pretty hungry and want to eat immediately - none of this preheating the oven or thawing out chicken. Nope, I want it right. now. And if I have to cook something then I usually will eat whatever else I can get my hands on while I am waiting for my meal to cook. Basically, I suck. haha So while I don't particularly like spending an hour of my Sunday prepping meals, it was necessary and so far has been much appreciated when I get home from work.

So Day 1, I will not lie, I was hangry! Aside from being less food than what I normally eat [which was entirely too much as it was], I don't think I was eating the right things at the right time. For example yesterday I had cottage cheese for breakfast, a shake for a snack, salad [containing only spinach and cucumbers] and raspberries for lunch and an apple for my afternoon snack. I had the worst headache at 4:00 that lasted the rest of the night. But I am learning from the error of my ways. I should have had more protein and carbs earlier on in the day to give myself more energy and feel more satisfied. [I had a lot of food left to eat on the plan when I got home!]

I did complete Day 1 of the workout which was Totally Body Cardio. Thankfully my body had recovered from being incredibly sore last week. I am usually the Go Big or Go Home type and always go all out on my workout and end up having to take too many days off to recover and then I get off track. So last night I got a great workout even with modifying some of the moves. I was in bed by 10pm (which is super early for me). Today I was the perfect amount of sore. Sore enough to feel like I got a good workout but not so sore I couldn't walk.

Today I switched up my foods and made sure to get more protein and carbs in during the day and it was much better. Am I going to bed kind of hungry? Yes. Headache? No. Most diets make you feel hungry in the beginning but hopefully after a couple of days my stomach will shrink and it will be better. Today's workout was Upper Fix and I was definitely feeling it - even with the modifications! My upper body is so weak so I will be excited to see some results there in 21 days!

I'll keep you posted on my progress!