Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Jamaica Jerk-off

The title of this post could not be more perfect! 

First, you may or may not know of my love for Elton John? But he is one of my all-time favorite musicians and has been on my concert bucket list for a long, long time. He played at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn on NYE this year and I almost convinced myself that it was a good idea to spend the dough to go. Even though I am sure that show was ah-mazing and I am so glad that I didn't because guess who added Greenville to their tour route?! YEP! My Elton! This Friday I am going to get to see him in concert, in amazing seats right in my own backyard! Woohoo!!! Now of course you know I have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what I am going to wear... because unlike most concerts you can't wear just a t-shirt and jeans... this is Elton we are talking about! While I would love to wear one of my sequin dresses or pants, I unfortunately am not healthy enough to wear heels year. So, instead I have opted for a purple sequin tank [Elton loves purple!], with skinny jeans and a blazer. Ah! I am just so excited!

Part two of this email and why the title of this post is so perfect: Jamaica! [p.s. Jamaica Jerk-off is the title of an Elton John song] Sunday I am headed with my momma to Jamaica for some MUCH needed TLC. I had been very calm and easy going all semester until about two weeks ago and that all basically went to shit and I had a complete meltdown on Sunday. Not over one thing in particular as I think its just been building and I have no real outlet at the moment but nevertheless, I had a meltdown of epic proportions. I will say that I felt better afterwords - maybe I just needed to get it out, I don't know? But I do want to give a special shoutout to my loving friends Jenn and Katie for being there for me and offering a sympathetic ear and great advice. I love you girls!

The weather here as been pretty miserable (sorry to my northern friends reading this... it's all relative, right!). So I am super excited for warm weather, colorful umbrellas in my drinks and sand in my toes. My leg is still giving me a lot of problems and I can't much more than walk slowly so this may be the first time in my life that I am going to have to R E L A X! haha In my immediate future I see naps on the beach, pool lounging and hopefully a massage or two :)

So that is what is going on around here... I have one more mid term this week and then it is officially spring break... and it is the last spring break of my academic adult life! So crazy to think about! #dontwannagrowup #again