Thursday, June 11, 2015

Down But Not Out

Hi, friends! Hope everyone is doing well. I think in all my years of blogging this is the longest hiatus I have ever been on. It wasn't planned or intentional, I just have not felt like writing. I have been in a funk and feeling uninspired about so many things. Uninspired to eat healthy, uninspired to exercise (consistently), uninspired to get out and explore Nashville, uninspired about planning for the future. But I wouldn't say I am unhappy... I am just kind of blah right now.

I have been at my internship for 4 weeks - kind of crazy how quickly it has gone by! If I felt like an old grad student, then I seriously feel like an OLD intern! There are 65 of us and only 5 MBA interns. Half of the undergrad interns are not old enough to drink and the other half are just barely 21. Nothing wrong with being young but also kind of hard to connect with them. I definitely have not felt like an intern in my position though... it's been fast and furious and I have had almost no downtime which I definitely prefer over just sitting around. I am slowly meeting some people at work - but it's hard because most people don't want to invest too much effort since I am only here temporarily.

It's also been a bit chaotic around here. With two grandparents passing away within a week, my parents have been all over the place. I thought I was going to get to have some QT with my mom this summer but she has hardly been here. Next week my parents are leaving for Maine for the rest of the summer and then HW and I are officially on our own.

Since I have a new found passion for travel and adventure, I tried to get myself out of the funk by planning my graduation trip. I am pretty sure I have decided on going to Australia in December but I can't even get jazzed about planning that. I have run it my parents (I would miss Christmas at home) and done all the research but still haven't pulled the trigger and for no apparent good reason.

I think I might be lonely, in general. I am lonely here because it's me and Winston in a city with no friends and an empty house to come home to. I am lonely at school because I haven't really made any friends there. Maybe it's the weather? It literally has rained almost every day I have been here... seasonal depression maybe?? The happiest I have been in a while was when I was in Charleston in May but that was just a week's vacation. I dunno... I am sure I will snap out of it eventually (and hopefully soon!). I don't like being a fuddy-duddy... I like to be on the go, busy, motivated and excited about life and the future. While it can often drive my family and friends nuts, I am usually planning 20 different things at once, working on back-up plans, places to go and things to do and right now, nada.

So... that's what is going on here. Sorry it is not a more exciting update. I do have a friend coming into town from Richmond. I am excited to see him and and get out and about. It is the CMA Festival this weekend in Nashville so I am sure it is going to be nuts downtown.

Hope everyone is doing well and having a great summer! Will write again soon!

Here are a few pics from the summer so far... I have not taken many... that in itself says something!

took my dad to Cars and Coffee... I totally got brownie points for that!
Post-work ritual... hanging out with HW and Nash in the backyard
two VERY dirty dogs at the farm!
yep! I caught that sucker!
Sounds baseball game last week, we won!
got some new outfits for work... those earrings were my grandmothers, I love them!
Most of this look is from Nordstrom Rack which I am becoming increasingly loyal to
St. John vest/Ann Taylor skirt/DVF blouse/Tory Burch wedges
More NR finds!
Joie top/Gap jeans/Tory Burch flats