Monday, February 16, 2015

Job Hunting

So I don't recall whether I have mentioned it on here or not but I am currently in the hunt for a summer internship. I will say, it's not much fun. Or well, a challenge at least. The challenge has been finding positions in marketing that are not entry level. Prior to going back to school I had been working for 10 years so going in and doing a job that is very clerical or administrative is just not what I am looking for. I want to do something where I can make a meaningful impact and learn. So I have been pretty choosey on the ones that I apply to. As a back up plan to working this summer there is the Oxford exchange program that I got into. But.... I really would prefer an internship with a company that could lead to a full time position when I graduate.

So this past weekend I had an interview in Nashville with my #1 choice. While I was super excited about this meeting it was not the best timing, given that I am still walking in that God-awful boot and I had a fever the day of my interview. Thankfully I only coughed twice during my interview. Overall I felt like it went pretty well. I felt very prepared going into the meeting, but then figured out that HR had given me some incorrect information about which product line the team worked on so all the time I spent preparing and memorizing about one product was completely irrelevant in my interview. I certainly didn't want to throw anyone under the bus but at the same time I didn't want it to appear that I was completely unprepared! All that said I left feeling like it went well and it's definitely a position I think I learn a lot from and can add to. They are in the beginning of the process so hopefully they won't forget about me between now and when they make a decision! In the meantime I have other logs in the fire so we shall see...

I have not been on a job interview in about 4 years so when I got the call a week in advance I knew that I needed something new! I went to Nordstrom Rack first and bought a whole bunch of different pieces. I got them home and just didn't love any of it. Then last week I went to the mall, as a Hail Mary, (that's a Hail Mary because I live in Tiny Town!) but I found some pieces and was able to put together a look that I was excited about. I opted out of going with a matchy-matchy suit. I love having my fancy photographer mother around on days like this! LoLo was able to get some OOTD shots and a professional looking headshot for my LinkedIn profile.

So what do y'all think about interviewing? Traditional suits or something outside the box?

a couple of outtakes from my photoshoot :)
Blazer: NY&Co (I know, I am equally as shocked!)
Shirt: silk button-down by DVF
Navy Wedges: Tory Burch
Trousers: j.crew
Necklace: Trina Turk
this is probably better than my selfie that I currently have!