Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What I'm Lovin'

Hi! I logged in to my blog platform tonight planning to write a completely different post and then I saw that my last post, which was sharing the sad news about HW was post #666! EW! So I decided that it was time to post another "I'm Lovin' It" blog to brighten things up around here and remind myself that life is not all that terrible! [ok it's not all that terrible but you know what I mean!]

1. My Furniture!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot fully express how in love I am with my new "grown-up" furniture! Gone are the days of IKEA and Target (ok well maybe not Target and actually I don't think I have ever made a purchase from IKEA but something equivalent) but when I moved to Bham I decided to make the investment in some nice furniture. The months leading up to getting a job I spent HOURS looking online and in stores, making mood boards in PowerPoint [sorry Anne, I just can't get into Pinterest!] and basically boring my mother to death with interior design questions. I was very committed to this idea of browns, beige, gold and light pink... um, well, I pretty much went the opposite! I walked into Haverty's with a very specific task of buying a brown, studded, leather couch and, well, I walked out with a WHITE upholstered couch and matching chairs! However, everyone in my life can attest [whether they actually like my furniture or not], this is totally me!

My bedroom suite was not nearly as planned out. I kind of had an idea but nothing I had seen online or in magazines really spoke to me. When my parents moved to Nashville my mom got a lot of their furniture from this fancy store there and I thought 'that's where I am going to find my big girl bed!' Holy heck! Thank God they were having a sale! After touring the store for about 20 minutes I came upon a set that I loved. The price was right and I was tired of thinking about this purchase so I made a decision and immediately stopped looking at anything else (yes, that took will power).

The rest of the pieces - coffee tables, lamps, accessories, etc. all came later. For the most part, almost everything came from a different store so I was pretty excited to see each piece arrive and match perfectly in it's new home! Here are some pics...

Note: those chairs are not Pepto pink in real life!
The painting is an heirloom from my Gram :) 
Excited for the rest of my stuff to arrive in a few weeks so I won't have bare walls!
2. Prisma
If you follow me on FB or Insta then you know this to be true! But I am totally obsessed with the app Prisma that turns your photos into art. I use it mostly on my pictures of HW because, duh.

3. Closet Victories
So despite life feeling like it's been a bit crappy for a while, I have lost a lot of weight. 30 pounds to be exact! Part of it was due to the post-breakup blues and then I would attribute the rest to stress. I will take it regardless! Now I think about 85% of my "skinny clothes" fit which is super exciting. It also makes me annoyed with myself for giving away so many skinny clothes in the spring because basically I was saying "I give up." So sorry skinny friends, no more freebies! hahahahaha
Top: Target | Skirt: Saks [too lazy to look up brand, sorry] | Wedges: J.Crew
Top: Elizabeth McKay [courtesy of their 4th of July promo!]
Shorts: Trina Turk | Sandals: Jack Rogers | Clutch: Kate Spade
4. New Over the Shoulder Bolder Holders
Ha! And NO, no pics on this one! But seriously, as one can see from the pictures above, I am not lacking in upstairs department. I personally hate them. Ok, hate is a strong word but if they were like a size and a half smaller I would be stoked. I digress... this weekend one of besties was in town and we were discussing my "issue" and she pointed out that perhaps it was my under garnments that were the problem! I am pleased to say that I found what I needed at Macy's and Vanity Fair was the brand. Shockingly they were also not hideous which usually what my bras end up looking like! I also recently disovered an amazing sports bra from Brooks that seriously does the job. So ladies if you face the same problem as me - I highly recommend these two brands!

5. My job
Ok yes, the transition back into the workforce after taking two years off was a little rough. I also understand that I am going to get little to no sympathy on that one! haha But I really do like my job! We are very understaffed right now (if you are a marketing manager and want to move to Bham lemme know!) so I have pretty much been putting in about 12 hrs/day since my 4th day. It's exhausting and not a sustainable schedule but right now it's necessary. And no, I did not go back to agency life although it sure feels like it sometimes! But I have already been able to add value and improve some processes in the 5 weeks I have been here and I think there is a lot of opportunity for me to do more so I am feeling pretty jazzed about it!

OK that was my top 5! What are y'all lovin' these days?!