Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend at the Farm

Happy Monday y'all! Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Last week on a whim I decided to hit the road with Winston to visit my folks in Tennessee. They have a place about an hour and a half outside of Nashville that they call "ArrowWood" or affectionally known as the "the farm." Though don't be confused because this isn't a real farm, it most for fishing and hunting and growing hay and other stuff. It's a pretty neat place... if you are into outdoorsy, four wheeling, fishing kind of stuff.

Also this weekend, I spent a LOT of time texting and talking on the phone to the new boy interest! He was the one that I met at the Halloween party... I can't believe how much he and I have in common, how nice he is, caring, thoughtful, driven and just, I don't know... I am smitten. Ok there, I said it! And the best part, I am pretty sure that the feeling is mutual! I will likely write more later on this topic once it becomes more real but just know that I have basically had a permasmile for the last week!
                                           Anyways... here are some pics from the weekend!
ready to ride!
my and my momma!
Doc Holladay Saloon!
(it just a fun spot on the property to go hang)
ArrowWood lake
early morning fog from the deck
my cute little parents on a walk
climbing up a deer stand
with my Dad (on the right) and his buddy at an auction
{Jeans: Gap | Boots: LL Bean | Sunnies: Fendi | Coat: Burberry}