Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life Update: We Are On the Move... Again!

If you read yesterday's post I warned you that I was going to be sharing some exciting news! After about 10 years of thinking about it, three [plus] years of talking about it and one year of preparing for it, I have finally made the decision to go back to school and get my MBA from Clemson!

Pinch me, is this real?! Ouch, ok yes it is :)

Ever since I was in undergrad I knew and planned on going to B School to get my MBA. I knew that no matter what I did for my career, this was one accolade that I needed to personally feel successful. My mistake however, was that I should have taken the GMAT my senior year of college while I was still in "college mode." If I had done that I would have gotten my MBA years ago. The longer you are out of school, the harder it is to go back or discipline yourself to study for that dreaded GMAT test. It's a really dumb test that asks you questions about high school algebra, geometry and algebra II. Um sorry, I work in advertising, when was the last time I had to use that?! Never.

I have been studying for the GMAT on and off [more off] for the better part of 4 years. Then I moved to Dallas thinking I would go to SMU part-time while I continued to work. However, did you know that an MBA from SMU costs $100K?! Um yeah... maybe if they were an actual Ivy school or I worked in finance or if someone else was paying for it! Back in 2009 I went and looked at Clemson for school but at the time I was just wasn't ready to move or give up my free time.

After living in Dallas for two years I kind of knew that this was not a place that I want to settle down. I have lived a lot of places and I can't say that this is one of my favorites. I have met some great people but at the end of the day, I knew that this was not going to be my final destination. I also am fortunate to be at a job that can be done from anywhere. So I started thinking about the east coast again and Clemson popped back up on the radar. It's a good school, has a good name, in the part of the country that I love. It is also a third of the cost of SMU - another bonus!

You might remember when I went on my first solo vacation to South Carolina. Well.... it wasn't just a vacation, I interviewed with Clemson and checked out the area. I was accepted for last Fall but due to some work obligations I deferred for a year. Last semester I started working on a few pre-requisite classes and that was when the game changed. Because I have been out of school for 10 years I had to retake the core business classes (finance, accounting, business law, etc.) even though I made all A's in my courses when I took them in undergrad. Last semester I took two online classes and worked my full time job and wanted to kill myself. These classes were not at all hard, but they were very time consuming. My job is also not a punch in, punch out kind of job and I work a lot of hours. At one point I was finding myself trying to either cut corners on my school work or cut corners at work - and I am not really a cut corners kind of girl. So that in itself was stressing me out big time.

Over Christmas while I was home with my family I talked to parents a lot about my goals and options and came to conclusion that I would go to school full-time. Because I have been taking the pre-reqs this past year I will be able to knock out my MBA in just 12 months. For those who don't know, almost all full-time MBA programs are 2 years and even longer if you go part-time. This, along with the price tag were the two major selling points for me. It's definitely scary to quit my job and take myself out of the workforce with no income but hopefully it will pay off in the long run!

So what's next?!

Well, since my lease is up at that end of May I decided to take this summer off and work on collecting a few more passport stamps :) My last day at work is May 20th and then on the 25th I am boarding a plane to South America for a month! I will save those details for another post!

Stay tuned!