Sunday, August 30, 2015

Goal Setting

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend! It was beautiful here in South Carolina! Friday I decided to head to the mall to celebrate my 10 pound weight loss (whoop whoop!) to see if there were any sales that I was missing... yes, I know I could just go and look in my closet but this was more fun! After coming home and doing a fashion show for my bestie Mel who lives in Boston I researched hiking trails in the area. Saturday Winston and I took off for Cesar's Head State Park. The plan was to hike the Raven Cliff Falls trail that is about 4 miles round trip. At the beginning of the hike we met a couple hiking the same trail so we decided to do it together. I will say, it was waaaaaay more fun to do with people than alone. Don't get me wrong, Winston rocks, but he isn't the best conversationalist. At one point on the trail we had to make a decision about staying the course or going another way to a suspension bridge. We chose the bridge and ended up hiking a total of 8 miles! Woo hoo! I ended the day with over 23,000 steps!
We made it the suspension bridge!
Now we must go back up....
HW at the falls... always camera ready! 

Now, if you had asked me if I wanted to go on an 8 mile hike I would have said 'No Way.' I would have been 100% positive that I could not have done such a thing. But I did and I didn't die. Today I woke up tired but not super sore which is amazing. So this got me to thinking about what other things I am keeping myself from doing? What am I holding back on or not trying? And so I have decided to make three new goals for myself to help with my weight loss journey...

1. STEP it up! 
For the last two weeks I have been getting up every morning (M-F) and walking with one of my girlfriends. We have been averaging between 3 and 3.5 miles. My steps goal on my Fitbit is 10K which is about 4 miles so I have been hitting my goal by noon most days. Since I am planning on keeping up with the walking, my new goal is 12,000 steps a day.
2. Stretch it Out.
Once upon a time I was a competitive gymnast and flexible. Now.... I am proud when I can bend down and touch my toes. In 3 and a half months I will be on the beaches of Australia and would love nothing more than to have a kick butt pic of me doing a scorpion or dancer's pose on the beach! But that means I need to start practicing and stretching... like, all the time. Since I am lucky to have a flexible schedule this semester there is no excuse of "no time" so I am going to dedicate an hour of each day to stretching.
seems totally doable.... right?!
3. Up, Up and Away
Earlier this week a friend of mine invited me to go on a hike and I said no because I was worried that I was not in good enough shape. Well I disproved that yesterday. Sure, I wasn't super fast but I still did it. I do enjoy getting outside and pretty scenery. So I am going to try and get out more and not chicken out when someone asks me to do something because it sounds hard!
just over a year ago I was really hiking in Peru
yeah... I hiked that.. so I should be able to handle the mountains of South Carolina!

Do y'all have any goals or things you are working on? Share the love!