Monday, September 15, 2014

Surfs Up... Aloha Style!

I have the most exciting news to share! I am going to Hawaii in December! About a week and a half ago, after crying about my economics class I found myself trying to distract myself with happy thoughts and before I knew it, I found myself looking up flights to Hawaii. I am pretty lucky in that my aunt and uncle live on the Big Island and are always open to visitors! In recent years my family has been going there for Thanksgiving but since I have school and my dad wants to hunt (seriously... how are we from the same blood line?) there will be no family trip this year. SO... what better way to either celebrate the survival of my first semester of grad school [or mourn the failing of economics] then go to Hawaii?? Thank God for generous aunts and airline miles!

I am really excited about getting to surf (a lot). Plus I have got a new rash guard from Trina Turk's Resort Line! I also want to go on the manta ray night snorkel again because now I have a GoPro. Oooh yeah.... making more movies. And snorkel movies. And hopefully dolphin and maybe even whale movies! And paddle boarding. And, and, and... yep, I am excited! It would be nice to have someone my age to hang out with but I guess at least this way I am getting to "Go-cation" the way I like :)
hot surf instructor never hurt!
Now, this also means I need to duct tape my mouth shut. Like for real. I hated most of my Costa Rica pics because I was fat. I do not want to repeat. And obviously I am stressing myself out with school so it would be good for me to get into an exercise routine again. I just need to start small. I always start out too hard and then I get too sore, or hurt or it just sucks and then I stop. Hopefully now that it's starting to feel like Fall around here that will help.

AND, if I want to make improvements in my surfing then I need work on my push-ups and strengthening my shoulders. This summer paddling was the hardest part for me because it completely wears you out!

So I am gonna start on.... Thursday! I know, I know, if I am serious then I shouldn't put it off but between today and Wednesday I have two exams, two papers and a pitch competition. Nothing like cramming it all in at once! So far I am not totally freaking out... but perhaps that means I am in denial! We'll see how tomorrow goes when it sinks in that I have two tests on Tuesday, one being for the hardest class I will probably take in the program.

So everyone please say a prayer, cross your fingers, do a dance, whatever you do if are feeling generous with sharing your good vibes with me this week!